I SWEAR, I’M FINE … by Moe R. W

~I swear, I’m fine … by Moe R. W
“This piece was inspired from all the mixed up emotions I have been keeping bottled up inside for a very long time. I do not have anyone close to me anymore to express my feelings to. This was also not only inspired from me being bullied and rough-housed all the time as a little girl, but everyday situations and my depression. I think about my past all the time, which is one of the main causes of my depression. It is all very personal and I would rather not go any further, but let’s just say my past was very rough, dark…Just so many painful memories I just cannot seem to let go no matter how hard I try, even to this day. I even came to start believing it is so much better for me to be lonely anyway. Reason being so is because no one can ever hurt me, physically and emotionally, ever again.”

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