~Scarlett’s Parenting Skills, by MetroXLR99
“This artwork/comic is based on a discussion I once had with “Foxtrot136”
over the prospect of Scarlett siring a child, and being a mother in later years.
It’s a concept COMPLETELY unheard of..
as Scarlett is a Mercenary, and a murderous psychotic.
so, HER having a child is a scary thought indeed.

shown here is Scarlett scolding her son (unnamed currently)
over having been bullied at school, and NOT doing anything about it.
Scarlett takes great pride in being the ‘Fiercest Fighter’
and, doesn’t tolerate weakness in any form.
and, the very idea that her own child got beaten Infuriates her.

So, she’s asserting her Parental dominance,
and, making her son stand up to his tormentors..OR ELSE.

I shudder to think of what kind of man Scarlett’s Son will become according to this upbringing.

(oh, and don’t ask who his father is unimportant.
Scarlett didn’t care enough to learn his name.)”

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