The tears wreck my cheeks
My hands destroy my clothes
My breath ripped my hair
But society crushes my Pride.

The mind repairs my heart
My ears erases the comments
My feet saving me
But prejudice somehow catches up

The insults beat me down
My knees give way
My mouth tasting blood
But someone steps in

The Soul Can see kindness
My Eyes look to the future
My spirit Revived
But the torture still lingers

~Bullying, by Jess W
“this was written after i have just been bullied, i was called all the names you can and have been for a long time. however this time i told some one, she was my sister. she got in contact with the school and it got sorted out. However i know that the comments will never leave me but i will not face them alone. Also they made me into a better person and hopefully you, (who ever is reading this) “you will rise” above this and grow because of it. Remember people are out there to help.”

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