~And We Wonder Why She Did It. by Lauren A
“What I’m trying to say in this picture is that words hurt. I’ve had someone I was close to commit suicide, and people don’t realize that words hurt so much. The title means that after the person has died, they wonder why they did it, how no one realized or took accountability how hurtful their words really were. Take a walk in their shoes and see how it feels to be picked on and bullied for being different from the rest of the crowd. Think before you speak, it could save a life.”

1 thought on “AND WE WONDER WHY SHE DID IT. by Lauren A”

  1. This is really good Lauren! It accurately represents the mind of the suicidal and the ignorance of those around them who wonder why someone kills themselves when words just plain hurt. I know what it's like to be so hurt by the words of others that you feel ending it is the only option, but I'm (somewhat) better now. Still, having been in that place It's easier to understand why others feel the same need to end it all.

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