~Stop Bullying: Stand Up & Tell Someone, by Skaila P
“In January 2012, students at St. Thomas Aquinas Elementary School in Bronx, New York, under the leadership of their valedictorian and director, Skaila P, worked together to stand against the issue of bullying. The documentary of their experience, along with two actual short PSAs that they worked on were screened on their graduation day and is now available to all.

PSAs written, directed, and filmed by Skaila P
Behind the Scenes footage filmed by John P
Entire Film edited by Skaila P
**News clip in beginning of film from Pix11 Morning News. No copyright infringement intended.

A note from the director:
Looking back on this years later, I’ve come to find how much of an impact not just this film but just spreading the word about bullying really is. If no one makes the effort or initiative to fix this problem then the problem just gets worse.
The title in full is “Stop Bullying: Stand Up & Tell Someone” basically meaning the only way to stop this issue is to take the initiative and start spreading the word. Those who are being bullied, have been bullied, or even witness bullying need to stand up against it by spreading the word. Don’t just stop at telling a person of authority. It’s our responsibility to share with others – to tell someone – our stories, which is the main point of this film. Our youth has so much to offer yet are often ignored or not heard. This film shows that by taking the initiative to stand up for what you believe in and by sharing your story with others, in whatever way that may be, a difference will be made. When you make the effort to do something good, others will join you and it will get better.”

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