~I AM Perfect In God’s Eyes, by Anna P
“So, today we were talking about bullying at my school, and how some others treat the disabled/abnormal. And as I watched a video about a girl who was being bullied by her ‘friend’ for what she was wearing, I was thinking: ‘Why do people treat others this way for just the clothes they choose to wear? If they want to wear/be that style, just leave them alone, instead of being a copy of the rest, they put themselves and their personality out there instead of trying to look like everyone else.’So, I drew one of my characters, Coma, showing that he is proud of who he is and doesn’t care how others label him. As you can see, he is disabled, and not bothered by that, he also is bisexual but still, even if others bully him for those little lifeflaws, he is still putting himself out there, and showing the world who he truly is. Just remember to always be yourself, and there will always be that one or many people who truly love you for who you are! And for those who bully/pick on you, just know that you can be better then that, and not spend your wonderful life hurting others in that sad, bitter-full way.”

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