~Stop Bullying, by Tala C
“I’ve been through it. I DO have self harm scars, but I’m still walking. I’m not gonna let them hold me down and if your suffering from bullying, talk to someone please. Don’t do what I did. Don’t think your alone. Look I’ve been hurt, I have wanted to curl up and die. Now I’ve got great friends, an amazing boyfriend, and family who cares. I don’t care where someone comes from or who you are. You need a friend, or you need support. Find someone you really, truly trust. Bullying is not funny. People get hurt and sometimes you can’t reverse some of the things that happens. One by one, I think we can help those who feel alone… but we can’t do that unless those of us who ARE hurting, let someone we trust know what is going on. Hope I can help anyone who happens to read this, and sees this artwork.”

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