ANTI-BULLYING VIDEOS, by Technology students at Zanesville High School

~Anti-bullying videos, by Technology students at Zanesville High School
“Bullying—people see it, feel it, do it. It’s happening more and more every day although not everyone knows it. It happens to young and old people, and in a variety of places. It takes on different roles. How is this ethical? What can you do about it?

Students in my Technology & Ethics class were challenged to create a 3-4 minute video to express how bullying has an effect on people. They were introduced the topic of bullying through two entry events. They watched a movie on Bully Bystanders and then were fortunate to have a local personal connection with artist, Linda Regula. Linda visited my classes to talk about her experiences with bullying. Many students expressed different emotions on the topic and felt a deep connection with her. They also created a “Bullying Graffiti Wall” where they anonymously wrote down their experiences with bullying, watched short video clips, and participated in several activities where they learned about the roles of people in bullying situations.

The videos the students were to produce could be done from the bully’s point of view, the bystander’s point of view, and/or from the bully target’s point of view. Student groups first had to decide which direction they wanted to focus, create a storyboard, plan how they would videotape their movies, then actually do it. We used video cameras and imported the videos into MovieMaker.

We watched the videos in our classes and they have been shared with others. We hope to show one at our next “Community Partners Breakfast” so that others in our community can see what our students are doing. We hope you enjoy the variety of videos showcasing the visions of the students.”

Stephanie Rudloff, Technology Facilitator
Muskingum Valley New Tech Academy
Zanesville City Schools

1 thought on “ANTI-BULLYING VIDEOS, by Technology students at Zanesville High School”

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