BULLYING, by Anonymous

~Bullying, by Anonymous
“So I decided to let it all out in this picture of how I used to be bullied. When I was was barely starting fourth grade. I used to live in Mexico with my grandparents back then since my parents where working most of the time in the U.S.A so we didn’t get to see them till next year. Well my grandparents lets just say they weren’t the lovey dovey who always support you and tend to spoil you. At first when I started school everything went well it was great I even made friends until I mentioned that I was born in the U.S.A and that’s when things went bad for me since that day for some reason they would call me names and beat me even my own friends betrayed me in the end and even joined in. It was so bad that I was afraid to tell anybody of what was going on then again I basically had no one to tell this to. Then one day I was so tired of them picking on me that I ended up slamming a door at this boy and his nose started bleeding when they opened the door for him, and once that happened they all ganged up on me and beat me…. Once the teacher came she saw me crying and I just let it all out on her and told her of what they were doing to me. Unfortunately, she didn’t do anything about it and instead suspended me and let them all go without any warning whatsoever… my grandparents didn’t do anything about it they didn’t even care at all. I was lost and confused I had no idea why they would do such a thing to me I sometimes felt like I should just end my life but never actually had the courage to do it but to just forget about it. Now I hardly remember anything good that happen that year. I never told anybody because ever time I tried I would always end up crying though in the end I told my parents about it till I started freshmen year and I just couldn’t believe what they told me I felt so depressed and furious with them that I just basically don’t tell them nothing about my life. What they told me was to just get over it and that I should have defended myself and fight back…. I JUST FELT CRUSHED!!! Like my life just stopped!! I didn’t know what to say back at all so I just told them “and you wonder why I don’t tell you anything” and just left the kitchen. I guess things happen for a reason all I could think about is maybe one day I see someone bullying someone else and I’ll be able to stand up for them since I wouldn’t want them to experience what I had.”

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