~All against one, by Akiroo
“people can hurt me way too easy. You may know how it feels if you’re someone who just can’t fight back. Maybe I don’t have the balls, maybe I’m just missing something inside me to fight back. I don’t wanna say i havn’t had a good past, but kids just love to tease. And the worst is, I still get hurt way too easy. Even some random ppl from the internet can totally get me out of my focus, it pushes me back to the ground, especially if someone says i’m ugly, doesn’t matter who or where, or even if they just meant my online character. Unfortunately I had a long issue with my look just because ppl couldnt stop telling me how totally ugly i am, every day. I just wish, people wouldn’t be such jerks sometimes. But for all the ones out there – be strong, it won’t last forever.”

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