Something there is that makes us first believe
we are not good enough or big enough
or strong enough, our standing to achieve
and all our paths will wind the ways most rough.

Some other thing is also near and asks
without responses sharp or stinging fists
or cruel jabbing back, to join our tasks
and future routes will with success assist.

Not only must we guard against despair
of outside actions that would tear us down
but daily mount defense to not compare
our good within with good of other’s crown.

Our bullies want us to believe both lies
of no escape from lows, no rest from highs.

~Against Despair, a birthday sonnet for Eric Dale Eubanks, by Robert S

1 thought on “AGAINST DESPAIR, by Robert S”

  1. Surely Robert Stone is one of the best writers of individual scenes in all of our literature – think of the scene in A Flag for Sunrise where Tabor shoots his dogs, or in Children of Light where members of a film crew mistake the phrase “Bosch’s Garden” for “Butch’s Garden”, which they speculate is an S&M joint in Los Angeles.

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