MY STORY, by CarolAnn

Hi everyone my name is CarolAnn I am a junior in high school and 16 I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when I was young I was born premature and 3 pounds with a brain bleed and could fit in my dad’s hand the doctors said I wouldn’t walk or talk that I would be in a wheelchair all my life they didn’t have any hope for me my mom and dad took me to various doctors until they finally found one who promised me that he would do all he could to get me to walk and there it started 70 surgeries later and scars on my legs and having a walker and then braces I have come so far in my life I now currently do not have any of that stuff I can walk the only thing is I walk with a limp I’m a miracle baby I wouldn’t wanna be any other way I’m taking college classes while in high school I have an amazing boyfriend who’s a hockey player and makes me truly happy everything is good I have a great family and friends if you all could get my story out there follow me on Instagram or twitter im always here for advice or if you just need to vent I also know what it’s like to constantly get put down for something you can’t help I’ve heard it your crippled you can’t walk why don’t you just chop your legs off I’ve heard it all and my advice for everyone reading this forget the haters there words may break you down but just remember you’ll always be stronger then that stay strong I love you and thanks so much for reading my story ❤️
~My Story, by CarolAnn

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