~Hurt and Hiding it, by Olivia Ann O
“This picture is meant to represent those who are hurt, bruised, beaten, and bleeding on the inside just as a dark wolf after a brutal near death battle but on the outside they are as pure as a snow white wolf whom has never seen any evil with her eyes, but the outside image is only an act, an act to hide how they feel though it is so bad they wish for it to be shown, but they refuse nor want to burden people with their troubles since they think no one has these troubles and they don’t want to stand out anymore then they are already hurt for.”

3 thoughts on “HURT AND HIDING IT, by Olivia Ann O

  1. I was googling myself because had nothing better to do and I've been really depressed lately then all of a sudden I see a website that has something made by me on it and before I clicked the link I tried to remember if I had posted anything here. I then clicked it and now here I am having all these memories of a time when I was stronger the time that I drew this picture to help a friend who I knew was hiding something,, but now I'm the one hiding pain. Maybe I should send this to that friend again, she'll know exactly why I did. It's hard to believe this was drawn only a year and a half ago and since then, I've gotten so much weaker, but seeing this again, already makes me feel a bit stronger. I really want to thank the People who run this project for visiting my school at the end of my 8th grade year, You guys helped me a lot then and are helping me again now because you put the picture I sent you on here. So seriously, Thank You!

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