SUICIDE, by Natalie

I’m hurt
By people
They don’t wanna admit
They did these things to me
That ruined my whole life

I was left
On the ground
With a broken arm
And a bleeding nose
After maths
When I got an A
I had to be punished
Because I was too smart

They said I am a slut
Because they saw me
with a guy
So they kicked me in the stomach
and threw me of the stairs

I’m counting the bruises
Thirteen, fourteen
And I wear my long-sleeved shirt
Even though it’s summer
My mom doesn’t know
she’s busy with her own trouble
And she says I’m not the daughter
She wants me to be
and then she starts to cry

It’s on my arm
I can cut through
Because I wanna see my pain
I wait
The tears falling down
I wait until the perfect moment
And then I make myself feel the pain again

I’ve suffered
For so long
And you never stopped
You made me break
you made me fall
Now I’m a broken body
a broken soul
With bleeding hands
and a mother
that tells me
I’m not good enough

Why should I live?

~Suicide, by Natalie
“This is based on what happened to my friends and me.”

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