I’M OKAY, I’M FINE, IT’S ONLY IN MY MIND. by Nayra Fernandez

~I’m okay, I’m fine, it’s only in my mind. by Nayra Fernandez
“I’ve been bullied for several years, actually since I was 6 until I end high school… but it never ends, you know. When you come back to your hometown, people still makes a fool of you, they laugh, they insult you, it’s like being at school again and again… This drawing shows the “scars” they leave in you.
If you are alone or even if you’ve not being bullied for years, the words are still in your mind. They scream. They bite you. They make you bleed. They make you suffer until you wish you were dead.
That is the worst part of bullying. The fact that, even if you go through it with a doctor’s help, it’s still there. And when you are on your own, it’s the worst.”

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