We start all the same.
Equal in every way.
Until we enter this godforsaken world.
Then everything changes.

We get judged for colour, race, age
Almost everything about us.
Names, homes, likes, dislikes.
We are treated as if we aren’t human…

Some of us get bullied because of these things.
And some of us make it through the tough times without a mark.
But some aren’t so lucky….

Some of us suffer through not just physical but mental pain.
Some of us don’t just get hurt by the bullies…
We hurt ourselves…

We can’t take the pain but we continue on.
We get called emo, fat, slut
anything that they know can hurt us….

The ropes on our hearts are fraying….
Almost breaking apart…
The chains on our minds are barely keeping us held captive…
We are starting to believe in what they say….
I am an emo.
I am fat.
I shouldn’t live on this planet anymore.

Then we take it too far and leave everything behind.
Not just the bullies but the people who love us…
All because of a few people
Who weren’t kind enough.
Who weren’t nice enough
Who didn’t understand….

~Important Topics: Bullying/Equality Is A Dream, by Kara G
“This piece is my way of attempting to describe what bullying is and how it affects the world or a person. Some of these words that I have typed on my computer are from my personal experiences from Primary School. Others from the media and everyday life. In the end I hope this piece will make people think of others and their feelings more or that the piece is just shared around so everyone knows that bullying is a serious topic…”

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