DON’T WAIT, by Anonymous

“Don’t wait”

A boy stands unnoticed at the back of the crowd,
And walks through the hallways with his head held down.
You can see the cuts, the bruises, the pain and the hurt,
But you just watch him pass by with his face covered in dirt.

You want so bad to help, but you’re just too scared.
You know what they’ll do to you if they catch you there.
So instead you watch, not doing a thing
Until the day came when he ended the pain.

He pulled the trigger and his body went down,
The boy you might have saved as you stood in the crowd.
When the news came the next night you cried yourself to sleep,
For the thought of your choice now makes you weep.

What if it was you, alone in those halls?
What if it was you, with no one to call?
Why did you stand there as he hurt every day?
Why did you not try to help find some other way?

But alas, you realized too late,
Realized what happens to those who do wait.
The regrets that eat you from the inside out.
The dreams you wake up from wanting to shout.

A life is gone that you could have saved,
But next time you promise you will not wait.
What’s done is done, it’s sad but true.
Never again will you watch out only for you.

When you see the girl with the bruised face crying in class,
This time you go up to her and ask.
You ask her what’s wrong, offer a hand
Be there for her when seemingly no one else can.

Never again shall you watch from the crowd,
For the boy who was lost you will never live down,
But you have now saved so many more since that day,
Showed the world what can be done when you don’t stand and wait…

~Don’t Wait, by Anonymous

“I’ve been bullied a lot through my life because I have Aspergers autism, so it’s a subject very close to my heart. I’ve been pushed, had dirt clods thrown at my back, been whispered about, laughed at, stolen from, and my first grade teacher even called me retarded, never mind I probably had twice the brains she did, even at that age.

It didn’t help that I wasn’t like the other girls, and I’m still not. I like video games, anime, and books, not shopping or makeup or any of that. Actually, I hate doing most girly things. I’ve also been made fun of because some girl told everyone I was a lesbian, which I’m not and I don’t have a problem with them either. Yeah, so what if I’m in high school, a tomboy, and never had a boyfriend? Can I not be happy with that without secretly being that way because I like the same sex? It doesn’t make any sense, and why would it matter if it was true and I did?

Bullying hurts, and it’s had a big impact on me. I never would have committed suicide or harmed myself, too scared, but I know of people who have. And the sad part is it didn’t have to happen if someone had just stood up and shown them there are people who actually care. But people are afraid, and that’s the real problem that I tried to show with this piece.

I honestly couldn’t care less what they say now. I know it still happens, the whispers and looks, but I’m fine being considered as one of the guys, and as ‘that’ girl. They’re more fun anyway. And a weird kid? Hey, weird is a complement to me! Normal’s the real insult in our group.

Unfortunately many didn’t have the chance to realize how good it feels to not have to live up to expectations, to be themselves, because they were hurt so much they ended it before they could understand. We need to stop this. This is a art community, and our talents come with power. Words, paintings, music, these things move us in ways we can never imagine. We can do something, we just need to try.”

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