Poison dribbles from your lips
Infecting mind and soul
You lounge upon your gilded throne
While I slave beneath your load

Seductively you purr
“No one can help you now”
“No one will understand”
While I bend beneath your weight

Your toxic words haunt my sleep
Twisting dream to nightmare
No peace from your corruption
While I strain beneath your task

Your laughter fills my mind
While my future hopes and dreams
Are razed to ash by your words
And I break beneath your load

You lounge upon your gilded throne
With vic’try in your eyes
While I prostrate at your feet
For how can I, myself defeat?

~Tyrant, by R. G

“I wasn’t bullied by other people. I wasn’t ever put in a situation where I could be bullied by another person.
However, I was and still am being bullied by an even worse being; myself. Most people would scoff at that. But it’s true. People seem to underestimate themselves and their ability to be cruel.

Tyrant is about what led to a brief stint of depression; I broke under a yoke of my own expectations. But I rose from it and became stronger. I wrote Tyrant so that I wouldn’t forget what happened. I’m sharing it so that other people will know that the biggest bully isn’t always the visible one.”

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