TOO MUCH PAIN, by Isabella V

~Too Much Pain, by Isabella V

“I was bully for 7 years i changed so many schools it was the same i went to france and changed school like more than 6 times i’m guessing i never really had lots of friends i was called bad names + my mom ex BoyFriend was Abusing me by hitting me on the head and yell at me if i did not understand a thing this stared when i was 7 to 12 or 13 years old then my mom broke up with him…My real father was never there for me he took drugs went to jail he did not came to see me on my birth he have 2 other daughters and one son he would he does not care about his daughters but he cares more for his son because he is the only boy …I have not seen my little brother for 11 years now i have no memory of one of my sisters but i do remember my older sister and my other sister from a other father i just have pain i really want to meet my brother and my sister they all live in america my older sister in mississippi my brother in oklahoma my other sister in louissiana and my other one i dont know i live in spain when i was 14 im now 15 and my life is so much better now i have friends and they love me im just happy the bullies from france are gone but im still kinda sad for my family so here i would like to give you this picture of a past pain life for your website thank you for reading…”

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