REGRET, by Jamper

~Regret, by Jamper

“And here’s the poem I based it on, by Anonymous)

‘Fast Forward (20x)
I hate being kid.
I hate being little.
I hate being bullied.
I want to become 18.

I hate my mom.
I hate my boyfriend!
I hate my school.
I want to become 38.

I hate my job.
My husband sucks!
My children were so many.
I want to become 75.

I lose my job.
I became homeless.
My children left me.
My husband died.

What happened?
I got what I wished for.
Time became fast forwarded
And here I am, all alone.

‘Cause I wanted all things to happen so fast.
I only now have 60 seconds left and I’ll die.'”

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