WHY IS IT SO FUNNY? by Lais (Lola) O

~Why Is It So Funny? by Lais (Lola) O

“Anthony is my OC and he is currently bullied at school and well, they bully him really hard.
Some of these guys saw when Marco (my other oc) left Thony at his house and gave him a lip-lock… and well, you can see to where that lead….

I just want to say, There are still people being bullied out there. For no reason at all. There are still people being bullied because they are gay (and here I mean men/women). We are in the 21st century and this kind of shit still happens. And now I ask you… When will the “smartest” of the living beings of this planet evolve their mental capacity?

On the BG
‘Why is it so funny?
Please, tell me so I can laugh with you, guys!!
I want to make part of the fun,
I don’t want to be the funny part.
I want to laugh at the funny part.
I just want to laugh.'”

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