~Silent Bombardment, by Kazichan
“I know first hand how much bullying hurts, and because of my experience I subconsciously self taught myself not to trust most people – mainly females because it was only them that bullied me – I also hid; escaping in the world of books, tv shows and drawing. I guess the worst bully was my sister, she treated me – AND STILL DOES – like a subject to her queen, after studying psychology I found out she was a sociopath: a person who cannot experience empathy towards others (shes also passive aggressive). At least she moved out of home.
Throughout highschool there was no-one who truly understood how i felt until year 11 when I became friends with 2 amazing people who help me through somewhat.
This piece represents the bombardment of verbal abuse I have been felt over the years (this is only a fraction of it). The words in red represent the hurt they caused and the bigger and brighter the words, the more they hurt. The white words on the bottom is that tiny voice in my head asking why they want to cause pain to me, and the small size is to emphasis how small and alone I felt. The reason this is not represented in a person is simply because I cannot draw humans.”

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