LOST ANGLE, by Miyuu

~Lost Angle, by Miyuu

“This is a dream i remember vaguely but it was about a little girl with big angle like wings.
She was lost in a dark world full of shadowy arms that wanted to lock her away.

Until i realised what my dream tried to tell me.
The lost angle was my insecurity and because of all the bullying i went trough i got so insecure that these people would easely get me down every time.
But although they would try to put her down she would always stand back up and shine to show that she won’t let herself be put down by bullies.

It sounds cheesy but i still remember this dream and it helped in those times.
(Don’t worry this was years ago i am now much stronger and getting more confident every day and no bullies anymore) 🙂
By the way i am not that angle, she just represented my feelings in this dream”

One thought on “LOST ANGLE, by Miyuu

  1. This is an absolutely gorgeous piece of art, framed so nicely. I love it. Well done, my friend.I also adore the symbolism behind it and your explanation, with the angel representing the parts of you that felt vulnerable and insecure – I am so happy that you're out of that place now. Congratulations.You are a tremendous artist.

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