IT DOESN’T WORK, by artist-chan

~it doesn’t matter, by artist-chan

“I drew this because I had a really bad day at school. There’s always atleast one classmate who harrasses me and calls me names. I often get stuff thrown at and I also get mistreated almost always because of my unusually short height. I can’t help being short. I’ve been diagnosed with scoliosis when I was about 4 years old and I’ve had a lot of surgeries which also didn’t do very well to my mental health. I used to have a lot of temper tantrums in elementary school and people still irritate me on purpose to see me flip out and/or attempt to attack them while enraged.
People always tell me to ignore the bullies or tell a teacher or a parent about it. Thing is, no matter how much I ignore them or tell somebody about it, nothing happens. It still stays the same, and if I’m lucky, a teacher might tell them to stop. And even then they won’t stop.
So I express my anger and depression through art, hoping somebody will see my pictures and maybe atleast leave a note or two.”

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  1. Dear artist-chan,I saw your picture and shall hereby leave you this comment as a note:I know the feeling of noone helping you when you get bullied even though you have told them. You will feel powerless and lonely like i did.But listen to me carefully, i am now 21 since last october, i graduated with good grades and left all those years of bullies behind. It is a rough road to happiness but noone can give you that. The good thing is you can make happiness yourself. Ignoring your bullies doesn't work, yelling or getting angry doesn't work. Why? Because they are afraid to get bullied or left out so they tag along like sheeps with no brain and bully the inocent, week or nice people. I cried a lot and yes it was alone and felt horrible, but it helped releave stress (also draw a lot like you do too).And one day i realised that i treat others with respect and kindness and if they don't do the same for me then they can just move along. I don't need people in my life who don't treat me like i treat them… nicely.The big world is tough so you need to get tougher. I don't know you in person so don't take this to hard on yourself. How to get tougher: It's very difficult but there are a view steps to help you make your own happiness.1. Accept yourself- You know your own flaws like your height that you speek of, accept that you can't change that and learn to live with it. So if people say dwarf to you, you get all your confidence and say: “I don't care what you think of my height i'm happy with it.”2. Love yourself- Sound the same as point 1 but the difference is one thing. You have to live with yourself for the longest part of your life if you can't love yourself you can't love someone else.3. Think positive and smile- Instead of all the bad things that happen or all the mean words people say think of positive things (even if they are small) example: you go to school and the sun shines, nice weather nothing wrong. During school bullies are trying to get you down with their mean words and all. So instead of thinking damn they bullied me again today (probably most times the same things) you can think they called me a lot today but can't take away my happy moment in this nice weather.You can also tell them if they alway's say the same things: “aint got nothing new to say?” and after that sentence just ignore them cause they are going to try think of something new while they alway's bullied you on things they see on you or know about you. (it doesn't alway's work) but if it does belive me it is hilarious to see them strugle.If the people in this big hard world are not changing anything because you stand up for yourself (none else will honey) and it still doesn't change anything? Then you can alway's talk to me sweety because i know from myself that i am a nice person and i am (one of the few) that don't judge people before i know everything about that person.If you don't want to talk to me, also okay i can understand that talking about life problems to a stranger on the internet sounds weird. But at least know that everyone has at least 1 person who cares about them (that 1 person can be a family member that doesn't show it, a friend you rarely see, a stranger on the internet or even only yourself (see step 2)) but never give up. I have so much more to tell you but this comment is already getting to long hihi.Hope to hear something from you soon.Kind regards,Miyuu

  2. Don't give up dude. Regardless of if you see it or not, there are others out there dealing with things, just like you are. They might even be in that class, too afraid to speak up. Find them, talk to them, and stick together. It's harder to attack a group.

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