BROKEN, by PiggyRain

~Broken, by PiggyRain
“this is for those who fake their personality. They might be beautiful, charming but their characters are rotten. Try hiding that with their beauty, with make-ups so that everyone would adore them. They are like beautiful doll but made of bad quality, once broken, they are of no use and be easily thrown away. And no make-ups can hide those nasty personality of them. They are broken from inside, nothing can fix it except for themselves…..:”

One thought on “BROKEN, by PiggyRain

  1. This is an absolutely beautiful piece of artwork. (And a nifty way of avoiding drawing the Other Eye – nice job!) The hair looks as though it must've taken centuries, her expression is perfect and for whatever reason I can't explain, I am really drawn to her hands. Stunning. Be proud of yourself.

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