HATER, by Gabriela M

~Hater, by Gabriela M
“When I was very little and I was still growing I didn’t hurt anybody, I was so shy and quiet and my classmates were hurting me all the time. They teased me, they broke my clothes and gave me very bad and rude nicknames without any reason.

When I listened to this song and read the lyrics, something inspired me to draw a piece of art after I saw the video because I felt identified and I clearly saw the message, because I lived that.
In the video you see a black and white scene while something like blood covers people that are screaming.

So I drew a person, one guy from the band in B&W (like it is on the video) and I drew him with a guitar pick, covering with his hand half face. The meaning of this is; one side shows what you feel, that’s why I put the blood tear, and the other side is how you feel (sometimes) the solution, in this case, through music.”

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