~Bullying, by Aiko
“The point of my artwork is that I know that many people are being bullying and not a lot of people know that. Some people are good hiding things and other people don’t know what’s going. I know how much it hurts when people get bullied believe me I’ve been through that too. I want the bullying victims to know there ARE people out there you will help you. It can be a parent, friends, pet etc. Also doing activities to tell your emotions is helpful when you can’t use words. I want people to understand that even though you feel as if no one is there to help you. There are. Maybe you just have to look harder or maybe they’ll come to you. No matter what happens the world is unfair. Bullying can happen to anyone and it can take it to extreme cases. But that’s why there are people who will help you. I know sometimes when you tell people but they do nothing about it. Like teachers and counselors for instance. Some people believe that if you tell anybody the situation will get worse. Both of these are true. However, it is better to tell someone rather than keeping it bottled up inside of you. That is the purpose of my art. Don’t be afraid to tell somebody and don’t think of yourself as someone insignificant because you aren’t. You are special just like everybody is in this world.”

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