~Conform or Deviate, by Lollipop
“A lot of people at my school get bullied for acting outside of the stereotypical behaviour that suits their gender norm. It makes me angry that to this day people still expect and put pressure on us to act in particular ways according to our gender; for example, girls are expected to like shopping and fashion, and also to be less intelligent, while boys are expected to like sports and some consider themselves to be “not allowed” to cry.
I took this photograph as a part of my recent art project and as a way of saying, “You know, people don’t have to conform to your ideals.” To do it I put on a short-haired wig and painted on myself with highlighter and lipgloss (which was a mistake, really hard to get off, don’t try it). The overall idea was to convey a sense of gender-neutrality; to say, it’s okay to act the way you want to and your gender shouldn’t dictate that.”

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