EVERYDAY, by Anonymous


~Everyday, by Anonymous

“Everyday. Every single day….
I see a new victim… I see people get hurt every day… I see the world crumble, and the human race is to blame… But were to busy fighting to notice…. Everyday I see someone I dont know get hurt… And they change who they are.. But today… It was someone I know…. Pulled down by the claws of hate, whipped by the stinging taunts… Brought down… They brought you down… They gave you the key to lock your soul away.. They made you change who you are.. And I’m sorry… I wish I could do more then tell them there amazing. But it hurts.. I know it does.. And sometimes its hard to believe the good things over the bad things

Everyday I see someone, hear the things people say, see everything crumbling slowly… And I stand there… Wishing I could do something more… I try and try to cheer them up… Because maybe if there happy they’ll stay a little longer… And I feel like its my purpose to do so… So I put my heart into making you see your worth while… You have to see that you have beauty, everyone does.

Everyday… Everyday my heart dies to see these things.. Knowing that I can do nothing but say a few things… A few inspirational words that may last a while… But then they run down… But they only run down if you turn them away. Turn away the bad things said, and look to the good ones. If you show them that your strong. Show them there words don’t hurt you

And maybe.. Just maybe someday it can be better… I won’t stop trying, I won’t stop. I will keep fighting, keep going… For the ones who were lost along the way…
And maybe if we can all join together.. Maybe if it was a big enough group… They would finally see… Stay strong… Stand strong with me. Stand against it all. Don’t let it get too you… We will lose some along the way…. But… We can still be strong… Be strong for them.… Be strong… And carry on.. Never give up.”

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