~Dreaming of a Day Where We Did Not Have to Cry, by Keely Ambrose-Ritzman
i’m a schizophrenic and I self harm. most of my drawing are the things i can see and others can not. but i made this drawing because i felt like i wanted to kill myself because of being bullied. i still am being bullied really bad. because i have schizophrenia and i can’t tell who real sometimes.it doesn’t make it easier that i have really hard time making friends.most people hear schizophrenia and run for the hills without see who i am. but my art helps me get throw the day.i see myself as a strong flower growing in the snow. everybody tells me i should die because flowers cant live in the snow but i don’t give up because i know i can do it and one day spring will come and i will be the most beautiful flower and people will come far just to see my beauty and get to the real me. util that day comes i will keep drawing.

One thought on “DREAMING OF A DAY WHERE WE DID NOT HAVE TO CRY, by Keely Ambrose-Ritzman

  1. Hi :'> My uncle has schizophrenia too, and i know how it feels to be bullied, depression and anxiety is a huge problem for me. I also selfharm and think a lot about siucide… But hey, we're both gonna get out of it, right :D? If you need a internet friend to talk to, then you can add my skype if you want :3 GlitchPaint.

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