~Me and Vivienne Medrano: I’m With You, by bloodypink
“i have been reading viv’s story about her past with an horrible person and i felt i wanted to make something show her my support ( yes it’s me huging her X3 )

how people can be so full of hate and cruel things is just awful but even though did vivienne dare to whrited and speak out to all of us about her feelings witch warmed my heart to know that she can share something so personal and horrorfying to all of us, that is a sign of trust and a feeling of confort witch is a big thing.

i want to share in this pic that no one deserves to be treated like she have been treated, no one ddeserves to be stalked with this kind of hate and nobody have the right to make someone feel like this neather even if it dosent say that in the law when it comes to interenet hate do i think people would have the brain and gut to understand that themselfs without a law telling them that internet hate is the same as bullying someone in real, its a real person behind the screen u know.

in this pic will i also thank vivienne for her amazing arts, thanks to her did i finally find a stile i feel comfortable in, she learned me alot of things like, u dont need to have hundred of details to make a good character, go after your imagenation and if u just keep on practice will u get better and better in time

also am i pretty short even if i’m 17 years old so thats maybe why i look so tiny X3

i hope this will make u feel a little better viv

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