~When Victims Bully, by Celyne
“Had this one for a long time and held it close to my heart.

Bullies come in all shapes and sizes – including ones pretending to be a victim and goody-two-shoes, aggressively seeking sympathy and approval from anyone who will give an ‘Aww, poor you…” Then little by little manipulating these peers into isolating the true ‘victim.’ They use their razzle-dazzle charm to get what they want while stepping on the voiceless peasants underneath their $300 – $3000 shoes.

Until you find yourself helpless to stop them, because anything you say against this “Vully” will be used against you. Nothing should make the vully feel bad. Everyone has to adjust to and lower their standards so that the vully can feel loved. And in their eyes, you’re always the bad guy who is trying to ‘bully’ their friend.

I can go on and on and on. Just be aware of the different faces that bullies are willing to disguise themselves as. These aren’t just children, they’re adults or grown ups as well.

Sometimes the best option is to just walk away from it all.”

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