WORDS HAVE POWER, by Natalia Martinez

~Words Have Power, by Natalia Martinez
“When I was in elementary, about seven to nine years old. I was bullied. This is the image of my face back then along with all the words that hurt me deep inside. Words have power, remember that anything you say in life will have a consequence, either good or bad.”

2 thoughts on “WORDS HAVE POWER, by Natalia Martinez

  1. Natos querida. ¡Eres tan valiente y tan inteligente! A mi, de niña, también me hicieron bullying diciéndome cuatro ojos, cara de sapo, eres fea… y me hubiera gustado mucho haberlo plasmado tan bien como tú lo has hecho en este cuadro. Felicidades, amor mío. En verdad, cada palabra que uno dice en la vida tiene una consecuencia, pero está en uno mismo aprender a levantarse, a no creer ninguna de esas frases hirientes y salir airosa, bella y feliz. Te quiero y estoy muy orgullosa de tí. tu tía Laura.

  2. I am very sorry for the blindness of those who told you that, which made you suffer when you were just a little girl. I'm happy to know that you are taking action into speaking out loud to fight bullying. Now that you are an adult I'm sure you can realise that they were completely wrong, because you are beautiful, inside out, and the more people get to know you, the more they will mind this. you are the most extraordinary gift God has granted to those of us around you. I love you very much. Mo.

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