DEAR BULLIES, by ArtGurl2015

Dear bullies,
I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I cut my hair short. I’m sorry that I wear clothing from the boy’s and men’s departments. I’m sorry that I’m me. But… I’m especially sorry for you. You must be blind. Because you don’t see the pain you’ve caused me. You don’t see the sorrow in my eyes. That you are totally oblivious. I’m sorry. But its not my fault. I chose to cut my hair short and I choose to look male. But your choices may make you feel stronger, but we all know how weak you are. Quit trying to come out on top and just accept me for who I am. And next time you are about to yell “What the hell are you!” to me, think about what I might already be facing. My depression. Think about it.
Your victim.
~Dear Bullies, by ArtGurl2015
“This is mainly about my experiences that I have had with bullies and what I wish to say to them. But, sometimes I just don’t dare face them, mainly because I don’t care about them.”

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