WORDS HURT, by briethebee

~Words Hurt, by briethebee
“I was, and still am bullied and hurt by most of my classmates in my high school classes. This drawing is my desperate attempt, in my darkest time to show others (teachers) that I was being bullied, that if you look hard enough you can see the wounds those hurtful words create. My teachers never believed me. Sadly they still don’t.”

2 thoughts on “WORDS HURT, by briethebee

  1. Teachers will never acknowledge bullying because they themselves are the prime cause. Teachers hold a pupil up to ridicule as a means of controlling a class..they become “leader of the pack”..and thus show the class bullies how to do it and also that it is OK to do it. I also know exactly how much words can hurt. At age 12 I seriously contemplated suicide. It took until I was in my mid-twenties before I could say truthfully that most of the wounds had healed.

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