~ The Bird and the Arrow, by Anonymous

“I have experienced homelessness at a young age. I’ve seen the darkest and most hateful things humanity is capable of. I did not go to school as a child or fit in. People are cruel, especially young people because they don’t have the courtesy of talking behind your back. They will just tell it to your face. I’ve lost 15 people in two years. Some to odds, some to the hardships of the world and others no one knows what happened. They’re just gone. I will be one of the few people in this world that actually knew them as people. I saw who they were and not dirty homeless and/or drug addicts. I saw the beauty in what the world throw away. I made this drawing for all the ghosts that everyone sees but no one will ever know because of the surface. The memory I carry will never fade. It is what keeps me going. Because if I don’t remember who they truly are, who will? I hope I don’t get lost to these streets and I hope I can be remembered as someone worth remembering. So this drawing is a tribute to the Fallen or those who feel like they’re about to fall. You may be wounded and unable to fly but somebody remembers you as a good person and they will carry you until you heal.”

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