~Words of Kindness, by Kersten C.

If anyone hasn’t had anything nice said to them today, just remember you as your own person are the most beautiful things you can be, never let anyone say other wise, always be proud of who you are, not your worth or beliefs, but the common fact is that you are the greatest person you can be, and no one can change that, and if they do, they are only hypocrites against themselves and are trying to make themselves feel and look better, but in reality they aren’t they are making themselves look a way that shouldn’t be set as an example for people.

Everyone is their own unique person, and are the way they are because they are human, we are all human. Therefore we shouldn’t hate those that are unique in their own ways, we should love them, and tell them all the time they are worth your time, anyone else’s time or just everybody’s time for that matter, because we all bleed red and when it all comes down to it, our religious beliefs, political differences, physical appearances, personalities and other things of that sort do not matter, because we are all human, are of the same community, the same population, the same earth and yet we have judgment and hatred.. Not love nor compassion which is long needed within the world.

All of the people in the world even those who have passed and those still unborn, deserve the love of their families and others that knew them, know of them and people we know in our everyday lives deserve the love and compassion that may not be given to them. Many people in the world today go through a day without that love and compassion or a really kind few words from the heart to help them get through the day, not even kind gestures are given to them. All of the people that are in that position and even not in the position deserve some small act of kindness no matter your enemy, family, teachers, instructors, bosses or strangers. These people deserve it, everyone does, because everyone is beautiful in their own unique and amazing way.

You never know if that small act of kindness, can be the greatest thing to happen to someone if you show them you care about them, for them not what they’re worth or the way they look, or the position they are in. To whoever needed to see this, you are beautiful (Or handsome), keep your chin up, don’t let that crown that was placed upon your head fall, keep being the you that you want to be, because no matter what happens in life, you’re perfect in your own way and you ARE loved by someone.

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