My feelings grow but still the destination I’ll never know.
I write from the heart even still I find it hard to play the part.
So instead I write from my head still the feelings are dead.
You clear my head not knowing why this relationship is now do or die.
The past feelings seep to the present. They soak so deep The feelings brought I no longer sought.
I waited, I stayed true then began to contemplate, I might even be considered irate.
Now since I stayed and played the game furthermore,
You help me fly, you help me soar.
Through and through this time finally brought me to you.
Furthermore I’m glad to say you opened my front door.

~Furthermore, by Jarrett Palmer

My inspiration for this poem comes from a personal experience. I was going through a lot with my mental health which Made my depression unbearable, I even had consistent suicidal thoughts. I found someone who saved me, they taught me how to smile, laugh and just experience a variety of emotions. Sadly it didn’t work out in the end. I thought to myself was feeling these emotions worth it. It took me awhile to realize but in the end I realized yes it was, I felt if she alone could mend a broken soul there is someone else out there that can do the same for me and maybe even better. This poem represents my emotional roller coaster in from a broken heart.