SOME, by Riley B

Some people are tired of getting made fun of.
Some are tired of feeling useless or unneeded.
Some are sick of seeing people laugh at others.

I am tired of this.
I am tired of feeling worthless,
Feeling unwanted.
I am tired of never being happy.
I am sorry if you believe this is funny or unimportant,
But some people are tired of wanting to die.

~Some, by Riley Bihlman

When I wrote this, I wasn’t in a very healthy mental state. This poem shows how some people are feeling out here in the world. Although, there are some people not dealing with this, you are the lucky sum. I’d just like to say to everyone; I’m proud of you, we all are. You are managing to get throughout whatever you are dealing with, whether its big or small. You are here and that’s what matters. This poem may not be relatable to everyone, but it does show the type of society we live in now. We treat people as if their life isn’t worth living anymore, then wonder why people feel depressed/suicidal/ or done with the world. To whoever reads this; you are enough. You matter. You are a beautiful soul. The world needs your presence, we need your presence.