UNTITLED, by Daniel

I cry myself to sleep at night
Just wishing it would stop.
Maybe tomorrow it will cease.
Then again, maybe not.

You push me and you poke me.
You call me hurtful names.
To me, it’s like a prison.
To you, it’s fun and games.

Your heart is made of ice,
But it doesn’t even deserve that.
Mine was once a rainbow,
But you have  it to darkest black.

I hate you; I hate everyone.
There is no one I can trust.
Are you proud of what you’ve done?
You’ve turned my soul into dust.

I wish there was a door i

could open so i can escape
escape this bully

~Untitled, by Daniel


When you feel you’re in the dark,
There will always be a light.
There are people who are there for you
To tell you it’s all right.

When you feel you’re all alone,
Isolated on your screen,
You can find someone to help
‘Cause not everyone is mean.

They can say just anything,
But that’s not who you are.
You know yourself better than them,
So their words don’t go far.

Be sure to keep your head up,
And don’t hesitate to smile.
It will all get better
If you stay here for a while.

~Untitled, by Daniel