You have been bullied
That is true
That does not mean what they say or do defines you
Bullies only succeed if you allow them to
If you allow what they say or do negatively affect you
I am not telling you to fight them back
Nor to create a revenge stack
I am telling you not to allow them tamper with you
Do not let them tamper with your emotions
Avoid a depression explosion
Do not let them negatively change your behavior
Don’t let a negative behavior put your loved ones in danger
Do not let them affect you
Otherwise you have helped them achieve what they purposed to do

You are not useless
Your case is not hopeless
You are not ugly
You are not yet done
Otherwise why would they come after you?
You obviously have something they don’t
So maybe you are their target because you are blessed
I am not telling you to keep quiet
Talk to people you know and trust
What I am telling you is to see yourself
As someone of value and of worth.

~A letter to the victims of bullying, by Divine-Favour Akinbobola