Red music, by jade

Is it a cello, a violin, a viola? You decide!I was inspired to paint this after seeing a painting title the Red Cello which consisted of three separate paintings combined to make one, giant cello.Even though this painting isn’t nearly that elaborate, I still find motivation and drive everytime I look at my oil painting. I was told many times growing up that I would never be good at playing the piano, and that I wasn’t as good at painting as my twin sister was. However, now, after many years of practice I am really good at the piano. Although I still make mistakes playing, I still get called upon often to share my talent. And even though my sister is a better painter, I am still proud of my paintings. When I paint, I paint something important to me. To me, that’s all that matters is doing something that drives you and makes you happy. It doesn’t matter if you are the best or the worst as long as you are happy doing what you love.