To my Bio Lab Group Mate, by Jasmine

To my Bio Lab Groupmate: 

Did you know that one too many “shut ups” 

One too many “you’re so annoying” 

One too many “just let me see your homework” 

One too many “I bet you don’t even know what that means” Could teach someone resentment? 

You relished every word you spat 

Knowing they were sharper than glass 

Hoping to break my mind into millions of fragments Like the splintered pieces of peanut brittle I hate. 

And I hate to say it 

I hate to give you the satisfaction 

I hate to give you the congratulations 

Because you succeeded. 

Time doesn’t heal. 

Two years later and there’s still gaping holes that you punctured Into my pride, my self-respect 

And my eyes can’t seem to forget the sensation of hot tears That should’ve dried long ago.