Understanding Bullying, by Anonymous

Understanding Bullying

Bullying tries to take away a person’s voice inhibiting a personal development, however
allowing a safe space to decompress from the repercussions of bullying can ease their struggles and give hope for improvement into everyday life. Inhibiting a person’s growth with hurtful experiences is not beneficial and could be preventing them from excelling in fields like music, movies, or writing. There are a number of events throughout history that can be referenced which highlight moments where bullying took place. Although through these hurtful experiences in history can generate inspiration for powerful works of art in all forms such as movies and music. Bullying not only inhibits personal growth and development but impacts an individual’s mental health, discouraging them further from feeling comfortable enough to express themselves. Bullying takes multiple forms from verbal abuse, social, and also physical abuse; with social media platforms being easily accessible it also gave birth to another form of bullying. In response to bullying becoming more of an issue, programs were created but not only to provide a voice for those being bullied but to raise awareness as well.

World War II is a perfect example showing moments during the war which inspired powerful films and music highlighting moments in history where bullying was evident. Portraying great tragedies from history in film or music can raise awareness about being bullied. During world war two Pearl harbor had just been attacked striking large fear and hysteria among the American people; Manzanar in 1942 became an internment camp where Japanese Americans who were innocent and unjustly accused had to endure an enormous amount of bullying. Manzanar California was a prime example of bullying that took place throughout historical
events which later inspired works of art. Artist Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park and Fort Minor has a song called “Kenji” that portrays the events of japanese internment camps. An example of great works of art using historical events to speak about the effects of bullying which can happen anytime and does not discriminate. Although the events at the internment camps settled and the bullying from the American people stopped, the effect that they had on the Japanese americans will never be forgotten.

The long term effects of bullying are stressful for your mental health shaping and even deter your development. Constantly being stressed can negatively shape how you interact with others, especially at a young age if not made aware, a child’s development can be seriously affected. When a student is constantly bullied it could inhibit their performance in school due to the negative environment that children may feel they are in. A way to address this is by finding programs that encourage or instill positive behaviors. Programs such as the you will rise project provide a nurturing platform that give people who have been bullied a voice to speak about hurtful experiences with bullies. Having platforms where you can express yourself through art provides an environment to help people learn what they can accomplish.

Bullying takes many forms and is seen in everyday life but being negligent when it takes place is unacceptable. It can be done verbally with insults, taunts, or threats. Socially by ruining relationships or reputations through public embarrassments or rumors. Also physically through actions hurting the target or damaging their belongings. Then there’s cyber bullying which becomes a little more difficult to get a handle over since the internet is accessible at any given time. Cyber bullying can do damage leading into adulthood affecting scholarships or job opportunities due to inappropriate photos or comments on social media from others. People who bully often experience neglect or are bullied at home by their parents or siblings. Experiencing this at home can lead to the individual to develop defense mechanisms such as aggression towards others. Knowing the effects of bullying and how to identify the signs makes people feel more equipped about what to do.

Despite the many forms bullying and the damaging effects of it can have and neglecting this issue is not constructive for anyone. Platforms are available where people can find an outlet other than violence and help them become mentally strong. The lack of communication with bullies often escalates their negative behavior but when provided an outlet where they have a voice can provide a lot of insight on other issues that can be contributing to this behavior. Great works of art can be extremely helpful in healing from the repercussions of being bullied, but also communicate powerful messages through that art such as movies or film to keep history from repeating itself. These negative effects can have lasting effects if exposed to at an early age but can interfere with your adult life if ignorant to the issues of bullying; being negligent to those who bully or are bullied can lead to serious consequences such as poor child development, raised doubts and insecurities, even suicides. This is why we can all do our part to fight against bullying and promote safe places where creativity is encouraged and nurtured.

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