~Don’t Let Words Define You, by Charlotte Don’t let words define you. You define yourself. If you are experiencing bullying or witness it tell someone immediately.

BULLYING, by Mickala

The words cut deeper Than the blade ever didThe pain lasts longerThen the scars on their wrists They try to shrug it offThey try to make it all a jokeBut every night they chokeBack the tears and painWondering if their lives will ever be the same But that is the gameThat bullies like to playContinue reading BULLYING, by Mickala

BULLY, by CattyTheArtCat

~Bully, by CattyTheArtCat “He wakes up haunted With voices in his headNobody knows itBut today he won’t go unnoticedHe can’t forgetCan’t forgive for what they saidHe’s never been so hurtBut today the screaming is over” This piece was based on a song titled Bully by Three Days Grace (hence why I added some of theContinue reading BULLY, by CattyTheArtCat