Your words, by angela M.

I think the worst part is your words counting the imperfections ; slowly. Reminding me of being young, and counting the numbers of how many steps to the cold kitchen tiles, which is 43. 43 words, your words. Words that’ll drown out the tender ones of a mother, it’s time to realize that you’re notContinue reading Your words, by angela M.

untitled, by Anonymous

Welcome Bully Aren’t you ashamed Of what you do? Kids going home, crying Feeling like an outcast And ashamed, practically dying Afraid of who they are You were mean And said horrible things But you’re okay with that Bully is what you are Nice and simple Making people weak Driving “your” sportscar And the numberContinue reading untitled, by Anonymous

o bully Bully o bully why do you bully me, by ALEXIS

Bully o bully why do you hurt me O bully o bully why do you do this O bully o bully I have told a adult  O bully o bully found out something  O bully want your fault your parents  neglected you o bully o bully     I will be your  friend now

SHINE, by Rebecca O

Beautiful child Face shining in the sun Your heart glad And worries few; All grown now Unable to smile For fears of old Still held fast; Let the joy And innocence Return to you; Lift your face Towards the sky And shine Once again. ~SHINE, by Rebecca O.

UNTITLED, by Daniel

I cry myself to sleep at night Just wishing it would stop. Maybe tomorrow it will cease. Then again, maybe not. You push me and you poke me. You call me hurtful names. To me, it’s like a prison. To you, it’s fun and games. Your heart is made of ice, But it doesn’t evenContinue reading UNTITLED, by Daniel

SOME, by Riley B

Some people are tired of getting made fun of. Some are tired of feeling useless or unneeded. Some are sick of seeing people laugh at others. I am tired of this. I am tired of feeling worthless, Feeling unwanted. I am tired of never being happy. I am sorry if you believe this is funnyContinue reading SOME, by Riley B