UNTITLED, by Daniel

I cry myself to sleep at night Just wishing it would stop. Maybe tomorrow it will cease. Then again, maybe not. You push me and you poke me. You call me hurtful names. To me, it’s like a prison. To you, it’s fun and games. Your heart is made of ice, But it doesn’t evenContinue reading UNTITLED, by Daniel

SOME, by Riley Bihlman

Some people are tired of getting made fun of. Some are tired of feeling useless or unneeded. Some are sick of seeing people laugh at others. I am tired of this. I am tired of feeling worthless, Feeling unwanted. I am tired of never being happy. I am sorry if you believe this is funnyContinue reading SOME, by Riley Bihlman

BULLYING, by Mickala

The words cut deeper Than the blade ever didThe pain lasts longerThen the scars on their wrists They try to shrug it offThey try to make it all a jokeBut every night they chokeBack the tears and painWondering if their lives will ever be the same But that is the gameThat bullies like to playContinue reading BULLYING, by Mickala


~You’re Better Than This, by May “We all are great but when people bully they are feeling bad about themselves and they need to do something to feel better and that is where bullying comes in.”

BULLIES, by SymphonicMaiden

What do you get out of all this name-calling?Is it your life wish to see people falling?They reach out for help, but it only gets worseWhat is all this nonsense, just some kind of curse?It’s always the people who are out of the crowdThat always get shoved and pushed aroundDoes it make you feel betterContinue reading BULLIES, by SymphonicMaiden

BULLYING, by CrazyNightDemon

~Bullying, by CrazyNightDemon She was just one of those students that whenever she enter their school… she felt like it’s hell. like a game being chased that she tries hard not to be catch or else she’d be dead. everyday she encounter different kind of bullying that she wish soon it will be gone.