BULLYING, by CrazyNightDemon

~Bullying, by CrazyNightDemon She was just one of those students that whenever she enter their school… she felt like it’s hell. like a game being chased that she tries hard not to be catch or else she’d be dead. everyday she encounter different kind of bullying that she wish soon it will be gone.

BULLY, by Emily the artist

~Bully, by Emily the artist “You stand there in front of meThrowing your taunts and insultsOne day one damn day you’ll seeI’ll put an end to your systematic cults” “Blood on your hands, mineRage in your heart, yoursYou should have read the signs You should have closed those doors” “I’m not playing nice anymore I’mContinue reading BULLY, by Emily the artist

DEAR DIARY, by Rebelde blondeh

Dad came home earlier tonightHe hugged us allGave mom a kissHe said his life loses meaningWithout the three of usWe all laughed and talkedLike never beforeIt lasted ’til sunriseThen it was all goneLike a fairy taleWhere witches don’t get to play their role Mom woke up on time this morningShe wore something elegantAnd visited myContinue reading DEAR DIARY, by Rebelde blondeh

HEY BULLY, by Kevin Blake

You’re looking great today, man.You got that nice smug smile.You’re feeling good and confident.You’re ready to spit your bile. Hey, remember that kid?The one you and your goons beat?Yeah, him. You didn’t hear?They just buried him six feet. ~Hey Bully, by Kevin Blake

EVERYDAY, by Anonymous

~Everyday, by Anonymous “Everyday. Every single day….I see a new victim… I see people get hurt every day… I see the world crumble, and the human race is to blame… But were to busy fighting to notice…. Everyday I see someone I dont know get hurt… And they change who they are.. But today… ItContinue reading EVERYDAY, by Anonymous