TRUE STORY, by Rachel Hansen

~True Story, by Rachel Hansen
“When I was in sixth grade, it was all new. Middle School… wow! Everything seemed like it would be a great experience… well it was NOT! People could be mean, I wouldn’t let it hurt me but, then came this one girl who just had it out for me. I would sit with my friends at the lunch tabel, and we would have fun and she would sit there too. I would be having fun at the lunch tabel and I would get up for one second and when i would come back my books would be moved down to the end of the tabel. I would ask who it was and she would break out laughing, I thought it was funny too until it kept happening. She would take my stuff too. I felt unwelcomed. In novemeber of that school year I finally moved to a different lunch tabetarted tl. After that everything was good…. for about two months! I started t realize she was the locker above me and in four of my classes. She would drop things on my head, call me fat, stupid and all these other things. Then about after a month it stoped.. but it didn’t help because on novemeber another bully had risen. It was a he this time. I was absent one time in november, so this kid said” RACHEL’S NOT HERE! “the day I came back. At first it was an accident, but then it kept happening. One time in front of the whole class I was reading my spanish project and he screamed it. The whole class laughed at me, even the teacher laughed. No matter how many times i said stop it would keep happening. Now she is back for more! except this time two girls came along. This one time this girl threw a frisbi at my neck, it cut of my oxygen. She said it was an accident! After all this i didn’t want to go to school and i would cry myself to sleep. I finally told my parents. The girls got in trouble but no detention no nothing.. all they did was act like angels. The boy didnt get spoken too at all it continued for the rest of the year though the next year it stoped. This may forever scar me. Always remember though scars do not heal they eventually FADE.”