SOME, by Riley Bihlman

Some people are tired of getting made fun of. Some are tired of feeling useless or unneeded. Some are sick of seeing people laugh at others. I am tired of this. I am tired of feeling worthless, Feeling unwanted. I am tired of never being happy. I am sorry if you believe this is funnyContinue reading SOME, by Riley Bihlman

BULLY, by Rebecca Crutchfield

You’re ugly.You’re stupid.You’ll never amount to anything.No one will ever like you.If you think he’ll stay, you’re mistaken. You have no friends.People hate you.You are a freak.You have no place here.You are nothing more than a coward whois too afraid to step outside half the time. Your face is like something from a horror movie.NoContinue reading BULLY, by Rebecca Crutchfield

TYRANT, by R. Garner

Poison dribbles from your lipsInfecting mind and soulYou lounge upon your gilded throneWhile I slave beneath your load Seductively you purr“No one can help you now”“No one will understand”While I bend beneath your weight Your toxic words haunt my sleepTwisting dream to nightmareNo peace from your corruptionWhile I strain beneath your task Your laughter fillsContinue reading TYRANT, by R. Garner